Wednesday, January 5, 2011

inspired by finn review

last week, bella cut 4 teeth. this week? she has 2 more. it's like her teeth all were hanging out one day and decided to rain hate upon my head. i feel bad for bella. that must be some pretty terrible pain. i also feel bad for my sanity, because it is taking a serious beating. 

our nights around here have gotten pretty rough. i choose to not give bella much in the way of drugs. we have some motrin on hand, but we have had the same bottle for a year. and it might have about 3 doses missing. 

but when bella was first teething, i found out about baltic amber and it's effects on pain. when i heard of the baltic amber teething necklaces, i thought they were just something else for bella to chew on. 

first of all? you don't chew on them. baltic amber works by being absorbed into the skin. it helps soothe pain naturally. you can read a little more about it here

then i stumbled across inspired by finn. they specialize in necklaces for children and adults made from baltic amber and hazelwood. their "teething necklaces" are much more than an accessory.

 when bella is in the throes of teething pain, i put on her necklace (and sometimes just because it's so cute) and she seems to be soothed all day.

 today? she was a fuss butt. whiny and clingy. right now? she is very cheerily chasing the dogs around the house and playing peekaboo with her baby. with her necklace on. 

the girl is not only stylin', but she seems to be pain free. 

right now, inspired by finn is offering a 25% off code to my readers. just enter JN25 at checkout. it will be good for the next 2 weeks, so pass it around! and it's not just for babies. they have necklaces, bracelets and anklets for kids and adults too. 

go to inspired by finn, check out all their beautiful stuff, and if you get something, make sure you let me know! you will not be disappointed! 

*i bought bella's necklace and chose to review it on my own*

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