Sunday, January 9, 2011

i forgot where i was for a minute

this week we have a half week, because we are going home wednesday. and we are out of everything. so we loaded our little family into the car and headed out to the grocery store. when we got there the parking lot was PACKED. 

me: "is today some kind of holiday i didn't know about? or is there one coming up soon?"

joel: ::silence:: 

we find a spot, head in and dodge and weave around the people, their carts full of preservatives. and high fructose corn syrup. and milk. 

at the front, they have a lane roped off and a store manager directing people to the different checkout stands. bella gets antsy, so we leave joel in the line and go look at the valentines day displays. as i am walking back to the front of the line, where joel is paying, i over hear a lady talking to another lady in line. her cart is overflowing with doritos, little debbies, soda and plastic cups and plates. nothing is remotely nutritious and none requires refrigeration. just as i am thinking we are headed for a nuclear attack, she says, "we hadta git ready for tha snow, ya know"

::palm to forehead:: 

people? we are in middle georgia. if it snows here? it most likely will not accumulate. and if it does? it will be gone in less than 24 hours. 

plus also? heaven forbid we go 2 days without doritos and soda. 



Sammie said...

This is hilarious! We are getting our 1st snow of the year here in Kansas, and we did our errands beforehand so we wouldn't be out on the roads. We're from Wisconsin so the snow isn't the problem--it's all the people in Kansas who won't have any idea what to do with it! Ha, ha! But it'll actually accumulate here, unlike in Georgia.

Molly Danger said...

Haha. I would hate to see what they would do up here. It snows every other day but it is fun to watch the new people (I'm kinda new too) who aren't from a snowy state freak out every time it snows.

Nicci @ Changing the Universe said...

As a hearty Minnesotan, I have to admit that prior to large snowstorms, I do head to the store and stock up on junk food. I mean , if I'm gonna be snowed in, I might as well have a calorie fest :)

With that said, we're still hearty enough to NOT do this every time snow is in the forecast, which makes me giggle when places like Georgia think that an inch or two of snow will shut down the state :)

Justine said...

whats sad is, an inch or two DOES shut down this state. right after i wrote this, all the schools shut down and the base closed. it hadn't even started yet. lol. madness. being snowed in in minnesota, for me, would def require a stocked pantry with some goodies. but in georgia? it will all be gone.....well....probably by dinner time.