Saturday, January 29, 2011

the sun'll come out, tomorrrow

yesterday, it was 68 degrees. and at first, i did not know what to do with myself. because,'s january. according to the seasons, it's WINTER. you hear that mother nature?? winter=cold. 68 degrees? does not equal cold. 

i'm not complaining. it was a beautiful day. so we put on our play clothes and packed a little lunch and bella and i headed off to the park. 

parks with one year olds? are not that exciting. parks with ONE one year old? down right boring*. 

listen, i love being outside as much as the next outdoorsy gal. and yesterday, the sun on my skin could not have felt better. but people? we were at a playground full of some of the coolest equipment i've seen (it's been a while, i admit) and bella wanted to play with rocks. 

we have rocks in our back yard. i did NOT just pack you up with all our crap and drive to this park for you to play with rocks. go get on that teeter totter! 

clearly we need other children to play with. 

but the slide was fun. the slide is always fun. 

today, it's supposed to be 70. we'll be headed to the park again today, because next week? it will probably snow. or something equally ridiculous. 

*i clearly don't think ANYTHING my child does is boring. my phone has about a bajillion pictures of her playing with rocks......


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