Thursday, January 13, 2011

there's yer sign!

i assume you have heard that the zodiac signs have changed. apparently, ancient babylonians wanted a nice, lucky, round number of zodiac signs, so they just left one out. 

well, welcome to the club orphiuchus. oh and by the way? this is bella's sign. 

personally? i don't put much stock into zodiac signs and astrology and numerology and horoscopes. especially horoscopes. because, really, when i read them? they all fit me. 

"you are in a time in your life where things are changing. learn from it." uh, duh. when are things not changing? 

"you will come into a sum of money. spend it wisely" yes. payday is tomorrow. are you telling me NOT to go shopping for those new boots i really want?! dang it. 

"Your insights are sharp with others and your surroundings but they are blind as a bat with yourself!" what does that even mean!?

horoscopes are so vague. 

but the description of this new sign, bella's sign, seems so fitting. 

"The sign is associated with healing, enlightenment, 
medicine and higher education -- and also with black holes."

my child? is. a. black. hole. she just takes things and they are gone. forever. 

her latest victim? my car key. we have one of those stupid microchip keys. this one to be exact-

it's all cute and fun and flippy when it's in your possession. it's fun to play with. which is probably what bella saw in it. 

then one day? it was gone. i retraced my steps. over. and over. and over one more time. checked all the pockets in my diaper bag and jacket and pants. checked under all the couches and chairs and entertainment centers. checked outside in the leaves and under the bushes. i tore my house apart. for a week. 

it's been a month. we still haven't found it.

eventually, we just had it towed to the dealer (40 miles away) and bought a new key. which isn't like getting a key cut for your old '96 honda there is one machine in a 50 mile radius, and it's the only one that can cut a key. then it has to be programmed. and then you have the get a computer update, blah, blah, blah. whatever. all i know is, joel has been in a bad mood ever since. 

where was i going with this???

oh yes. i hope bella starts leaning more towards that "higher learning" bit, and away from the black hole bit. 

in the mean time, we are visiting bella's nana and bumpa. they got snow. real snow. 6 inches of real snow. and it's still here. kind of. bella likes it. i think.


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Liz said...

I have never gotten into horoscopes, and I don't think that my personality fits my astrology sign, either.