Wednesday, January 5, 2011

crock pot luau

i LOVE my crock pot. love it so much that i have 3 of them. excessive? maybe. but there have been occasions where all three have been in use at one time. that's how much i love them.

i don't think i need to expound on that. but i will. crock pots can be used for EVERYTHING. and it's pretty much, toss in ingredients, put on lid, go about your business as if nothing were happening, eat. how perfectly simple is that?

so, when these fine ladies decided to have a crock pot blog hop, i couldn't resist sharing my favorite recipe.

it's one that i picked up our first month we were in hawaii. it is amazingly simple and AMAZINGLY wonderful.

crock pot luau.

1 rump or shoulder roast
2 tbs liquid smoke
kosher sea salt

rub roast with sea salt-however much or little. it's not a science.
put in crock pot.
pour 2 tbs of liquid smoke over roast.
cook on high 6 hours.

serve over rice. doooone.

y'all? it does not get easier. or yummier. your tummies (and your husbands) will thank you.


want some amazing recipes? here ya go.


Leah said...

I coudn't agree with you MORE! I adore my crock pot!!! Thanks for sharing the recipie...I'll have to try it out!!!

Booyah's Momma said...

Isn't this to die for? Kalua pig has got to be one of my absolute favorite meals. And people never guess how easy it is to make. At least the crockpot version.

Ono grindz for sure!

LeeAnn said...

I really need to start using my crockpot! We're so pressed for time in the evenings, and it would be so nice to come home to dinner already made. I need to hop around this hop and get some recipes. Yours sounds yummy!