Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day, part 1

for mother's day this weekend, we decided to go camping!! what a great idea, honey!!!

hmmm.......did i actually say that? i mean, camping is fun. don't get me wrong. campfires, s'mores, grilling, swimming in the lake, hiking, sleeping in a hot tent on the ground with a 4 month old who still wakes to nurse 3 times a night.....wait. how did that last one get in there? and how did that not DRASTICALLY sway my decision?

well. that might have SOMETHING to do with it. i miss the water! i miss waking up every morning, looking out the window and having the OCEAN as far as the eye can see. so, this is a pretty good argument. isn't that gorgeous?! and for a last minute trip, we didn't get a bad spot. right on the water.

and here's another reason. this baby LOVES the outdoors! i'm telling you, she is so happy when we are outside. it's her element.

don't get me wrong. at 3 in the afternoon, it was a pretty miserable 92 degrees, with some high humidity. but we solved that problem (somewhat) by hopping in the car and going geo caching. if you don't know what that is, it's basically a treasure hunt done with GPS coordinates. not like the GPS in your car (which is great, since ours was stolen......grrrr), but a hand held one with actual coordinates and a compass. for mothers day, joel bought himself a pretty high tech one, (while i realize that this i said he bought it for HIMSELF for MOTHER'S DAY, he also did spoil me, so i forgive him). so we took off with our GPS and hit the treasure trail. on friday night we went 2 for 2! and found some other really cool places along the way. my favorite cache was a bunch of scrap metal, formed to look like a dog with a big wagging tongue. then a plastic squeaky bone was wedged into his mouth, which held the actual cache. TOO cute! (pics to come later!!)

saturday we woke up bright and early (you know, cause we slept outside), and headed towards charlotte. we hit a few more caches on our way, but didn't have any luck. we DID however get a chance to take in some amazing scenery, as two of the caches were at the dam to the lake we camped on! it was beautiful! and made up for not finding a thing.

after our morning of caching and sightseeing, we headed for charlotte! part 2, coming soon!

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