Sunday, June 27, 2010

how i spent my summer vacation. part 1.

i know i said my life wasn't that interesting. and i really meant it. i wake up, have coffee and breakfast (usually greek pomegranate yogurt with granola on top) , play with the baby, do some chores (maybe), eat lunch, play, eat get it. i play and eat. it's rough. i promise.

but it seems that i catch up on the weekend. this weekend, we went camping. we packed the car to the gills, strapped on the canoe and kayaks, and hit the road for some old fashioned summer fun.

once we got to out site, we realized how incredibly awesome it was!

THAT is where our site was. uhhh huh. we had our own little peninsula. beach all around, water all around. red ants all around. wait. i'm getting ahead of myself.......

day 1-set up camp. hit the water.

we set the kids up with a ride, and they get to it. for the next few hours, we paddled and swam and generally just relaxed. because that's what you DO on a camping trip.

even the dogs got in on the fun. poor duke didn't want to get left, so he was hauling butt to get out there. good thing he had a life jacket.

this day could NOT get better.

which would prove to be a true statement.

in the words of jo dee messina......

bring. on. the. rain.

it rained. and it rained. and it rained some more. before i get too much further, let me interject with a little nugget of wisdom. setting up a shelter DURING a thunderstorm? not an easy task. when camping, one should set this up BEFORE the rain comes. setting up a shelter in the rain is NOT, i repeat, NOT relaxing. or awesome.

but taking pictures of other people setting up a shelter is a ton of fun.

so, it's 6:30 pm. we're out on the water, lighting is striking. the words "should we go in?" get brought up. we meander back and about the time we get all the boats on shore, the wind starts and one of our tents blow completely on its side, and the others are practically horizontal. so we all start running around, trying to secure anything and everything that isn't already nailed down.

for some reason, maybe because we thought the storm would pass quickly, no one thought to put things in the tents, or cover things up. so when the rain started, it should be no surprise that everything got soaked. all the chairs, benches, food.

the forecast was 95 with a 30% chance of rain. 30%!!! this was not "30%, scattered showers" rain. this was torrential downpour, monsoon rain! (ok, i am exaggerating. a little) and it continued to rain for the next 6 hours.

most people would be discouraged by this. not us.

stay tuned for part 2. because, this HAS to be the worst of it. right?

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