Saturday, September 18, 2010

how bazaar, how bazaar

today was the first annual, operation homefront georgia bazaar.

we woke up at 6am (an hour late!), lugged all the tutu's, bow's and frames out to the orchard, and set up shop! i don't think i would call it a success. i sold one tutu, and probably $40 worth of hair bows (not too bad!). but then i turned around and spent that, plus some. i probably should have just traded products with half the vendors, as they bought from me, and i bought from them. i guess that's where the term "swap meet" comes from.

it was fun, to say the least, and i learned a LOT. and in the end, it was for a good cause, so who cares if i made a ton or broke the bank (which is closer to my reality).

bella was fantastic most of the day, and just hung out and attracted some customers. she even modeled a little.

and the best part of the day was the "donation only" starbucks table that moved in across the "hall". they were like 5 steps away. daaaaaangerouuuuussss!

we scored a bit of swag and met some pretty neat people. so i want to take a second to give a little shout to some of my fav's!

for great cloth diapering accessories, check out sweet baby eve! sarah is combining with gentle moms to offer home cloth diaper parties, where you can view different brands of cloth diapers and see which ones work for you! she makes some CA-UTE cloth wipes along with wipes cases and a cleanser spray. awesome. awesome. awesome.

ever heard of gigi hill? me either. my friend just became a rep for the purse company, who started on the west coast. all i can say about these bags is....i HAVE to have them. they are durable, full of pockets, and A-MAZING. they have several prints to choose from, and several different finishes. it is mostly home party based, with pretty great hostess benefits.
rachel and erin over at boop a doop fashionz have some of the cutest tutu dresses i have seen, crocheted headbands and hats, flip flopz, and LEG WARMERS!! i have a love affair with leg warmers, and they have some pretty adorable ones.

tete de frommage has some of the most awesome jewelry i have seen! my favorite item was her guitar pick earrings. her materials are unique-washers, nuts and guitar picks, for one! and she has some stunning photography too!

of course, my favorite vendors are always the ones that offer baby stuff. because, duh, i have a baby. so i meandered over to me and my monkeys boutique, right as they were shutting down. i actually was able to meet janie before the bazaar, when we were all dropping off our applications, and she has been making baby clothes for FOREVER. her kids are grown, and she made pillowcase dresses for them. and you can tell. her stuff is quality, indicative of years of practice. and it's of course super cute. this is where most of my "profits" went. but it was worth it!

can you see my dilemma? how could i NOT spend all the money i made (which wasn't much anyway)? there were several other vendors, offering all kinds of things and i wish i could have spent more time walking around, checking things out!


tomorrow is the last day to enter for your chance to win a fun and fluffy tutu of your own from bella ballerina!!

there aren't many entries, so head over and check it out! keep in mind, for little boys, i can make a frame, so don't let that hold you back from entering! (tutu's also make a great gift!)

contest ends sunday night at 11:59 pm!


The Shaffers said...

WE LOVE the hairbows, and work great in Hannahs hair!!! I didnt see the cloth diaper lady, bummer....

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

I can see your problem! I would have a hard time not spending there either. It sounds like it was a lot of fun though.