Tuesday, September 7, 2010

we're baaaaaaaaack

that's right. we're back. i hate it. we had such a fun time at the beach and bella LOVED it. she loves the water, so i figured she would tolerate the ocean.

but she did more than tolerate it. she took it in with as much enthusiasm as a 8 month old can, and more. it made me sad that we no longer live in hawaii. i started thinking of all the fun we could have with her there.

i am sad we aren't there anymore, because i LOVE the beach. but we aren't. so it's back to reality. i have been getting crafty and am trying on some different hats. making stuff, mostly for the baby and friends. tutu's (because who ISN'T making tutu's right now?), bows (again....who's not doing that) and some baby clothes. nothing really too original. and i'm not trying to strike it big. it's mostly a hobby. but it's fun. i'll be going to some bazaar's to sell them and taking orders.

it's fun. it's time consuming. and it gives me a little bit more purpose.

you can see it here, but keep in mind, it is a serious work in progress.

other updates-i have been adding some things on here as well. check out some of my other tabs, especially the "bella dines" one. i have been making food since she was 1 week shy of 6 months, and thought i would share some of what she loves! feel free to leave some of your favorite recipes in the comments section!

i will leave you with a few more pics from the beach and this weekend.

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