Thursday, September 23, 2010

bg baby! and we have steps!

so, you all know i have been getting crafty, and even tried to promote my new stuff by hosting a giveaway (my first). but now, i have decided to get a little bit serious, so i am launching my "line" (that sounds so serious! and so very project runway of me) through a new moniker-BG Baby Boutique.

why the name change? well, there is already a bella ballerina out there (i probably should have checked that earlier......). so without further ado, here is BG Baby Boutique!

i am starting to create boy themed things too, so be sure to check back often! and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
i have nothing else to say. i think i can only use one type of creativity at a time, and right now all of my attention is focused on creating cutesy things for my "store". i put it in quotes, because even though i am really selling this stuff, i feel like i am faking it. it all kind of feels pretend. even at the bazaar, when people came up to me, i felt like i should give stuff to them, rather than sell it.

don't get me wrong, i have lots of confidence in my products. i believe they are worth what i am selling them for. i just don't take myself seriously enough to believe that i am a legitimate vendor. i know. lame. i need to have more confidence.

but i think that will come with time. i have filled a few orders, and with each bit of interest, i feel more....legitimate.
and now to something that IS in fact interesting.

bella has started walking! WALKING!!! at 9 months, 1 week, she took her first 3 steps. she is taking a few steps every day and has gotten up to about 5 before she falls down or reaches her destination. it's all pretty exciting. though....slightly terrifying. because this opens a whole new opportunity for her to hurt herself. and escape diaper changes. and grow up!

i have tried to catch it on video, but it's hard to video when she is walking to me. here is one where i got about 3 steps out of her, but the angle is bad and i sound like a tyrrant, forcing her to walk when she is tired, but i swear, i'm not. she does it usually on her own, but i was trying to catch it so i could show my mom. who then saw her walking on web cam the next day. 5 steps. so. whatever. here it is-

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