Wednesday, September 29, 2010

in the ghetTO (the ghettooooo)

i hate stealers (not THE stealers. people who are stealers. otherwise known as thief's.). i know, mamaw, hate IS a strong word. in this case, it isn't strong enough.

there is something about knowing that someone has been in your car, touching your things, TAKING the things that your hard earned money bought, violating your personal space, that really boils my blood.

if you are in need of something, i have no problem helping you out. my husband and i have been richly blessed and we like to help others as much as we can. 

this morning, we were on our way out to go deliver meals through meals on wheels. we were making room in the trunk, moving the baby's stroller over to our explorer when we noticed the dash had been RIPPED OUT. 

there were wires sticking out all over the place, shoddily snipped. the stereo was missing and the facade of the dash was hanging on by one screw. the doors had been locked, but the windows cracked since it gets as hot as hades here. this was undoubtedly the thiefs point of entry. jerks.

it's not the radio. that is a material thing that can be replaced. it's my ruined faith in man kind. and now i believe that i live in the ghetto. i always thought that, but now, i believe it. i blame joel. he picked this place. for 1/3 the price and double the space of our condo in hawaii, he saw this place as the taj mahal. his vision was skewed. i guess i can forgive him.

really, this is a blessing in disguise. because that means I will be making all of the big decisions for the foreseeable future.

now, when do we leave this arm pit? (ok, that was harsh. i'll regret that when i'm not mad anymore. maybe. probably not. i just don't want to offend anyone. well.......when do we leave again?) 


torie@Life With Rylie said...

That is wrong. I don't like stealers either. My parents business has been broken into many of times. It's so ridiculous.

Justine said...

for sure. next time i am putting a sign on my car that says, "please don't steal. do you need money? just come ask." haha

i'm not violent, but it makes me want to punch someone. and i am pretty sure they are teenagers. i'll still punch em.

Leah said...

I know what you mean about the feeling that someone has been through your personal belongings. My dad's truck was stolen at his workplace...nothing was taken from it. But they sure as heck made a mess of it. My dad ended up getting a new truck. For the mere fact that he didn't like the fact that someone had been in it...and drove it to god knows where and the dropped it off.

That really does suck you've gone thru this so many times. i hope whomever it is gets caught...soon.