Thursday, September 16, 2010

creepies, crawlies, and screaming. it's been a full day

i'm scared too, sweetie.

**caution the pictures in this post ore not suitable for those who suffer from arachnophobia. or for those who don't like creepy crawlies**

why are the babes and i scared?? because while i was cooking dinner tonight, i saw THIS out of the corner of my eye:


which is why it is under a bowl. because i don't do spiders. or bugs. or anything that has more than 4 legs and is smaller than my fist.

duke on the other hand......

duke was very interested in all things......creepy.

currently, the spider is STILL under that bowl. on the floor. in my hall way.

and yes. i do walk as far away from it as i can when i HAVE to walk past it. like up against the wall, all cop style. because spiders can jump through glass. we all know that.

in other, less chicken skin inducing news, bella had her 9 month visit today, and like anything that involves my child, it was entertaining.

first, the stats:
-weight: 18lbs 12 oz (50th percentile)
-height: 28 in (76th percentile)
-head? huge. (97th percentile!! i forgot the actual size....i just remembered thinking, good gawd, where'd that big noggin come from!?!? she must be smart.)

and mostly, she had a breakdown about 30 minutes into sitting in the office. question-why do they make appointments, just to have you sit (with a BABY) for 30 minutes in a tiny room with no toys?

at the end of her appointment, she needed to have her hemoglobin levels checked, so we headed to the lab, where another little girl was having her finger pricked too. the little girl was in hysterics, screaming and crying and yelling "NOOO!! I'M SCARED OF NEEDLES!!!!" after about 10 minutes of listening to this , the lab tech had the mom bring the girl back out to the waiting room so we could go in.

so, the mom asks what we are having done, and if her child can watch, you know, to reassure her that it won't hurt.

does anyone else think this is a terrible idea? that's what i'm thinking. like, when babies feel pain, they cry. and the tech is about to stab her with a NEEDLE. so, 1+1= your kid getting more freaked out.

but i say yes, because i am hoping that bella, for ONCE in her short life, will do what i want her to do.

does she?

that's a big NO. capital N. capital O.

at first, it was all good. she looked at the girl. smiled. giggled a little. then the tech stabbed her. and bella looked at the girl for a second. blinked. and then SCREAMED!

all i know is, as we were walking out of the clinic, i heard the little girl screaming. from the waiting room. and then from the parking lot. i'm not lying.

a few more days to enter the bella ballerina giveaway!!! don't miss it!


Kathryn said...

That spider is seriously scary!

I have heard the lab techs deal with screaming kids before too, not fun.

Leah said...

OMG that spider is scary! I would have done the same thing...I can't kill spiders either. I mean, what if they like jump on your shoe or something. AH!

Is that a normal 9 month thing?? Glad to see what I'm in for. And yes..that mom was crazy for asking if her kid could watch!