Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6 months.

bella is half a year old. HALF A YEAR! where did the time go??

THAT'S where the time went. the kid has changed so much in such a short time. now, i know, EVERY child changes a lot in the first year of life. but, you see, this is MY child. and my child is the most precious child in the world to me.

today was bella's 6 month visit, which means.....more shots. she actually did pretty well, and "told" the doctor how much of a big girl she is. she showed her all of her "tricks", sitting up, standing up, "walking", crawling. the pediatrician was impressed. (can you tell that i am a LITTLE proud of her??).

dear bella,

this month, well, this month seems like a big month for you. you are cutting teeth, you are starting to learn BIG milestones, like walking (while holding on to mommy, of course) and crawling, and EATING! food has become your new favorite thing and you are eating so many fun foods! last night you tried squash for the first time and enjoyed it so much. your new funny thing to do is blow your food on to mommy. mommy doesn't think it's funny. but it makes you laugh.

this month is fathers day, and your daddy is wrapped around your little finger. i hear him talking to you and "teaching" you life lessons, already. you are such a lucky girl to have a daddy who is fun and funny and loves you so much. he is going to teach you how to do so many awesome things!

on your 6 month (half) birthday, i want you to know that i am so proud of you. you'll hear this constantly for the rest of my life. because for as long as i live, i will always have pride in my heart for the person you are. you are the best thing i have ever had a part in creating.

my mommy always told me she was proud of me. at the time, i didn't understand why she was proud that i struck out. 3 times. or lost a game. or had a fight with a friend. she would hug me and say, i am so proud of you. and i would probably roll my eyes and say "mooooom" in that way that only a pre-pubescent girl can. and you will do this too, i am sure.

but now i understand why those things made my mom proud. for one, EVERYTHING i did, and will do, makes her proud. but now, looking at you, even when you are doing something silly, or trying to grab my computer, or chasing the dog, or biting my face (which you do a lot by the way. i'll remind you of that when you're older), i think, that's my kid, and she is so special. then i tell you to stop, but under my breath i am giggling at how smart/funny you are. this may become a problem in the future, when i am trying to discipline you for sassing back to daddy at the ripe old age of 2, but for right now, i like to think you are perfect.

things are moving fast little girl, and i wish every moment that i could stop you from growing up, and protect you from the craziness of this world. but i know i can't. i know i can't stop you from living. and i want you to see the world. i want a lot from you, but what i want most is for you to be a strong, happy, God fearing, beautiful person. and i can't wait to see what type of person you will become. i love you so much little girl. more than you will ever know.

happy 6 months, baby. now, slow down please. mommy can't keep up.


Kathryn said...

What a great post! She is such a cutie! Happy 6 months! :)

KLZ said...

Oh, I know this feeling well. I can't keep up either.

That watermelon outfit is to die for.

The Wife said...

What an adorable little girl you have. So sweet! Thanks for stopping by.

Michele said...

Happy Tornado Tuesday. I'm glad you got a giggle out of my letter. I happened to see one yesterday on another blog and thought I should do that, but it didn't quite come out the same way :) Yours is incredibly sweet and your daughter is beautiful.

LA @The Reel Family said...

Such a cutie! Watch out my little guy was doing all of that at 6 months and at 11 months all he does is run. Its rather tiring. Stopped by from the blog hop.

Justine said...

i am definitely gonna have trouble on my hands soon.....she is a hot mess. =)

metta1313 said...

Bella is a cutie! Stopping by from Tuesday Tornado Blog Hop.

Diana said...

When you told me you have a Bella too (Tuesday Tornado Blog Hop) I was so excited. Little did I know our kids are exactly 1 month apart! Bella was 7 months yesterday. :)

She is precious. Happy 6 months to all of you.

Nessa said...

Happy Birthday!

torie@Life With Rylie said...

Aw happy 6 months! She is a doll!

AJ said...

sigh... what a sweet post! Cute little bug you have there!

Justine said...

thanks for the compliments of my sweet girl!! she is crazy. but i can't get over her. i. LOVE. that. kid. =)