Sunday, June 20, 2010

father's day, take 2

"wanna know how you can make a light grow out of your head,
so you can see in the dark, bella?
grow up and eat your vegetables!"

for father's day, joel got satellite radio. and spent the entire day making it look really cool in his car (a.k.a. come up out of the ash tray. ya, it looks much better than it sounds).

joel is a man's man. a gadgeter. a big thinker. he is a big boy. he loves all things science, outdoors, and sporty. he also has a slight bit of OCD, if you want my opinion.

once he starts something he HAS to finish it. like this radio. see, he is also trying to finish his masters by july, and he still has several papers to write. BUT he was so excited about this radio and making it pop up from the ash tray, that he spent the whole day trying to get it to work. at one point, he "took a break" to go to the store and get something to help him finish. then he "took a break" to clean up his area. so he could keep working.

we'll call this, stick-to-it-iveness.

and i can already see bella learning this. she has great stick-to-it-iveness. like when i put her bottle full of water down in front of her, and she spends the next 45 minutes, chasing it around the living room.

she is bound and determined to get it. just so she can try to bite it, and send it flying again. hopefully she keeps that ambition for the rest of her life. i hope that she gets these amazing traits from her daddy, and i'm sure she will. because she loves her daddy.


Cindy Nelson said...

Bella's daddy sounds a lot like his daddy.

Justine said...

yes. yes he does =) i can't wait to see how the influences bella's personality. it's going to be fun. lol.