Friday, June 18, 2010

whistle stop

whenever we move to a new place, our favorite thing to do is travel around and explore, like we are tourists. especially when we have visitors. remember our "three hour tour"? well, when we FINALLY found a place to put in our canoe, it was in a little town called juliette. which HAPPENS to be where they filmed fried green tomatoes. so we had to go back, and having joel's mom and dad here was the perfect opportunity.

and of course, while we were there, we had to stop by the whistle stop cafe for some fried green tomatoes. i had the "bennett's bar-b-q". now, if you have ever seen the movie, you know about this famous bar-b-q. i almost didn't order it. because, you know....**spoiler alert** bennett is ruth's ex husband who gets....cooked. and served at the revival. as bar-b-q. well. it was good. and i am pretty sure that they ran out of the original flavor long ago. **spoiler over**

we ate, and walked around the sleepy town (which consists of one street). if you ever make your way through, make sure to stop at the little shop at the end of the street that carries wines from the habersham winery. and try the sweet muscadine. it's yummy.

and, stay off the railroad tracks, mmmkay?

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Shirley said...

I wanna be a tourist with you. You do things I like! Love you