Tuesday, June 8, 2010

karing for keegan.

so i know i said yesterday i would comment on rabbi shmuley's....umm....ignorance? or stupid opinion about breastfeeding. but i found something better, and much more deserving of my time.

keegan. he is such a cute little boy. he has been through so much. there are a lot of people trying to help his family, and you can read about that here.

i hate reading blogs about sick babies. it makes me sob. i think about those poor little babies and it breaks my heart. but it also makes me happy to see people helping people who need it. especially when the people who need it are little babies. keegan is sick, but he is one lucky little boy, because he has a family who is doing everything in their power to help him.

read his story. pray for him and his family, if nothing else. or share these links out and get the word out to help little keegan!

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Raising Madison said...

Thank you so much :). A lovely blogger with a HUGE following shared some really sweet words with me when I was nervous about doing this and failing. She told me it didn't matter what my "following" was because I had a voice and I could make a difference. And so can you. Thanks for re-posting this.