Thursday, June 3, 2010

yummy, yummy, yummy i got squash in my tummy!

it's here!!! my beaba babycook has finally arrived and i am like martha stewart at a chili cookoff. yep. i ran to the grocery store, bought a bunch of yummy veggies and then ran back home and got cookin.

oooooh snap. that would be some yummy sweet potatoes. the finished product-zucchini and sweet potatoes. in jars. mmmmmm.

so, i figured we would start with the zucchini tonight, seeing as bella is so over cereal. boooooring. last night when i tried to feed her, she gave me this look like....."you think i am eating THAT!? have YOU tried it??"

well, no, bella. i haven't. but you are SUPPOSED to like this.

::insert bella's eye roll, plus "gaah" sigh here:: yeah, my kid thinks she's a teenager.

so, zucchini it is. and boy was she lovin it. scarfed it down even.

joel said, "why are you posting that? it looks like her nose exploded!" well. that's true. it does. and considering she is sick.....that could be what all that green goo is.

nah, i'm just kidding. it's puree. i promise. wait.......yeah. it is.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's adorable. (Also, I'm going to go buy a zucchini now - haven't tried that one yet!)