Saturday, June 5, 2010

train's a comin!

so, about all that fun we had last weekend. i know i said i would get to that (and i had every intention to do so quickly), but i kinda had a bad day. followed by a frustrating week. and well. i didn't feel like talking about fun. or, not fun, either.

but now i'm in a better mood and well, it's almost been a week.

monday morning was cloudy and cool and looked like it would rain. so what do we decide to do? go out in it. with our handy dandy gps. for a little more geocaching. because we can.

but first!

a pit stop at chick-fil-a, to try the new spicy chicken sandwich! now let me start by saying, joel is claiming that this was, in fact, his idea. see, he worked at chick-fil-a while in college, and he would tell them, "you really need a spicy chicken sandwich! you have every other kind of chicken sandwich, now you need a spicy one!"

we were sitting around a few weeks ago, and the commercial came on. you know, with the cows? and the alarm? "sound the alarm! moooooOOOOOOOOOOO!" yeah. that one.

joel immediately got online and made his "reservation".

then we hit the road and got to caching.

the first one was a success. the second and third ones? notsomuch.

but the 3rd?? well.......

this picture is worth 1,000 words.

but of course i have more.

this was labelled, "georgia's largest ammo can". i think that might be an accurate description. this picture was taken from the road. about 50 yards away.

oh. side note. the pictures? yeah. we were lucky to get them. you see, that second cache we stopped at? i waited in the car with the baby, so i handed joel the camera. it was on a river, so i thought he could get some pretty cool pictures while he was hunting. after a while, we couldn't find the cache, so we counted it as missing, or washed away, and moved on to the next one.

at the third one, i asked joel if he had the camera. "nope. i gave it back to you." he says. so i check the car. not in there. then the explorer. not in there either. my pockets? nope. his? nope. baby bag? you get where i'm going with this. joel tells me not to worry it's in one of the cars. he's sure. and he's even more sure it's in my car. because he gave it back to me.

we get to the really big ammo can and i MUST take a picture of it! seriously. that thing is awesome. joel reassures me it's fine, we'll find it later, in the mean time, we'll use the camera on the gps (because EVERY electronic has gps nowadays. except for the iPad. but that's another story).

on the way back to the car, i just can't get over that missing camera. see, i don't remember him giving it to me. and joel is really bad at putting things down and forgetting about them. i am SURE he put the camera down on the bridge and left it there.

i'm starting to get a little angry now. but as i'm walking back to the car........

i see a cord hanging down from the roof rack. and a little blue peeking out under the bar.

yep. it's the camera. on. TOP. of. the. car.

25 miles and two "check out the turbo, pedal to the metal" demonstrations later.

and here, i'll pause, so you can laugh a little (ok, a lot).

pause over. moving on.

our final cache of the day is at the railway museum in warner robins, right across from the base. as we are looking for the cache, we made this

can you see it? penny? railroad? train's a comin'? get it?


Becky said...

LMAO. This post had me cracking up! I've always thought about going geocaching. My best friends goes a lot with her mom.

Justine Nelson said...

it's fun!! you should do it! and when you find them, it's even better!! =)