Thursday, June 17, 2010

father's day, take 1

i have a confession. father's day leaves me dumbfounded.

first, a little history. so father's day "started" in 1910, but didn't become officially recognized until 1972. on the other hand, we officially celebrated mother's in 1910.

now don't get me wrong. mother's are pretty darn important. i mean, without mom's, well. none of us would exist. of course, without dad's none of us would exist either.

mom's seem like the obvious one's to celebrate. they labored, and delivered, and nursed, and rocked. they are usually the one's who go to sleep late and wake up early, who get up in the middle of the night. who kiss boo-boo's and pick us up when we skin our knees.

but dad's. dad's scare the monster's from under the bed. they teach us how to ride a bike, and throw a ball. and take a ball to the shin, with dignity. they show us how to be a team player, and how to sacrifice for the good of the team. for the good of the family. they teach us humility. they wrestle and play. dad's are the one's who teach us how to be kids. how to live in the moment and enjoy every bit of it.

i am so thankful that bella has such a wonderful daddy. he will most definitely teach her how to be a kid. and she will be one of the coolest kids i know, because she will have such a great example (yes, sometimes i feel as though i am a mother of 2!). he will teach her how to change the oil in her car, how to change a tire. he will teach her how being gentle can be the same thing as being strong. and he will teach her how to love and laugh.

dad's are such amazing people. i cherish my daddy and want nothing more than to make him proud. i can't wait to see how bella and joel's relationship evolves over her life. bella already adores her daddy. when he walks in the room, you can see it all over her little face.

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