Saturday, June 12, 2010

quit playing games with my heart.

i love games. all kinds of games. sports games, mind games, card games. but mostly, i love board games. i'm pretty terrible at them, but i LOVE sitting around a table with a bunch of friends, competing over a piece of cardboard. it's just good, clean fun.

this is our game closet. yep, we have an entire closet dedicated to games. the lower shelf is full of puzzles and we have a whole cabinet full of card games.

and these are the newest additions to our collection. found them at yard sales. $5 for all 3. this is definitely my favorite way to obtain games. for cheap. and with games going for $20-$30 each? this is almost literally a steal!

while we were in hawaii, we used to get together with a WONDERFUL group of people to have "game night". this was one of my favorite things to do (other than swim, surf, tan, get the point). and i have a favorite memory to bestow upon you as well.

our game nights always turn into a "battle of the sexes". this particular night, we were playing cranium. the MOST fun game ever. it was 2 of us (ladies), against 4 of them (men). all i can remember is one of our clues for a club cranium was "the rolling stones' and as i rolled a fake stone through my legs, my partner in crime guessed it correctly, putting us, in cribbage terms, in the "double skunk" position.

now, usually, when the boys win at....anything, they puff their chests, pump their fists and strut around like they just won the FIFA world cup. but this time, THIS time, the girls STOMPED the boys. and as we jumped around, high fiving and hooting, the boys sat, arms folded across their chests, pouting.

so our victory turned in to us saying, "sorry. you guys played well. we don't have to play anymore if you don't want to". and we put the games away, and ended the night on an awkward note.

i recall this PARTICULAR game night, because it illustrates a beautiful point. it's all fun and games, until the girls stop letting the boys win.

something like that anyway.


Belle's Butterfly said...

That is so funny. Guys are such sore losers!!! We are a board game loving family as well. We have a closet full of all different games. I can't even tell you how many different versions of Monopoly we own.

Stopping by from Tornado Tuesday. I am a new follower.

Leah Molyneaux said...

We love to play games too! We mostly end up playing card games. We bought The Newlywed Game one thinking it would be something new and fun...and it turned out to be a disaster, with Eric and I fighting and LOOSING the game when in fact WE were the newlywed :O) haha so needless to say that game STAYS in the closet. One game us (girls) always kick butt at is Pictionary. The guys always end up cheating.