Tuesday, August 31, 2010

gone, but don't forget me

i'm at the beach. it's blissful.

it's also bella's first ever trip to the sea. which is funny to realize considering she was conceived and spent more than half of her gestation living on an island. poor kid.

but, it's obvious that she was meant for the ocean. walking out into the surf for the first time ever, held right in front of me, she kicked her legs and laughed. the bigger the waves the more she would giggle, and when they crashed on us she would squeal with delight. i started dunking her down right before the waves hit us, and she would flap her arms, splashing the water, with a big grin on her face. she loves it.

and the beach? i fully expected her to put sand in her mouth, then rub it in her eyes and be done. but she navigates through the sand like a pro, digging with her pointer finger, smooshing it through her toes, picking up tiny shells and looking at them.

and she loves building sandcastles with her daddy. he dug her a little pool and stuck her in it, which she swiftly climbed out of.

so he dig it deeper.

then at least she stayed in one place for a moment.

we are here through saturday, so please forgive me if i am absent. living in the moment is hard when you are connected.



Kristy said...

We took our son to the beach for the first time this past summer, and it was so wonderful. I also loved how he was not scared and enjoyed it so much.

Anonymous said...

I love baby beach photos. =)