Thursday, May 6, 2010

care bear cousins!

i was a HUGE care bear fan when i was little. ask my mom. i knew all the words to all the songs. i knew every bear and cousin. "care bears, ROAR! care cousins, CALL!" yep. i'm a dork.

but i found this care bear while i was pregnant, and went ahead and bought it, because i LOVELOVELOVE the care bears! =) and i knew i was having a little girl who would, undoubtedly, LOVE the care bears too. they were my favorite growing up. so, when bella started sitting up, i introduced her to cheer bear.

i have to be honest, this bear is a little creepy. she talks. a lot. and she says weird things like "look how happy you MADE me" with this weird inflection on the "made". and the creepiest part is that, after i toss her into the toy box, and she sits in there for a few minutes, she'll say, "i need another care bear hug!". um. hello chucky. we stopped playing with you half an hour ago.

but bella seems to like her.....or at least she is starting to like her. pretty much she just tries to eat cheer bears face. but she tries to eat my face too. so that's nothing new.

"look mom! i look like a care bear! " belly and all. bwahahaha.

"ok, mom. now this doll is really starting to creep me out."
and before you ask, my mom was on the computer with her "big ol' granny glasses". i think it would have been mean to expose her in her morning glory.


Leah Molyneaux said...

OMG, that Chucky doll STILL freaks me out! AH, I just think of that creepy little red headed doll...eww, nightmares. I don't know what Noah is going to be interested in...bc I can't have him play with the things I did as a child :) haha

Kim said...

thank you justine for editing me out I don't want to scare anyone either! :) Even though you can tell Bella was not afraid of her memaw's glasses!