Monday, May 31, 2010

happy memorial day!

we celebrate this day in honor of those who have served and fallen in the line of duty, serving in the armed forces. i am proud of all of my family members who have served and are serving in the armed forces, and proud that bella has such a brave daddy.

in my family, on my dad's side, my grandfather served in the navy, my uncle served and fought during the gulf war in the air force, my dad was in the air force and my aunt and cousin are civilians with the air force. on my mom's side, my uncle served in the air force. and of course my husband is currently serving in the air force.

we may not always agree politically (and i mean throughout history) with our commander in chief, but there are men and women who, on a daily basis, in all parts of the world, put their lives on the line and have put their lives on the line so that we may enjoy freedoms, like playing outside without fear. putting our children in schools where they are free to learn. speaking our mind about things that matter most. writing this blog. reading this blog. you know, that simple stuff. that most of us take for granted.

so for those fallen, thank you for the ultimate sacrifice. to my husband and family, i am so very proud of you. and to friends who are currently in iraq and afghanistan, come home safely.

happy memorial day.

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