Sunday, May 16, 2010

a few of our favorite things

mommy's favorite things for bella

1. sophie the giraffe.
2. raz
3. her bright starts rattle, exersaucer, play mat
4. her super duper cute sunglasses
5. cheer bear, the creepy, talking care bear

bella's favorite things for herself

1. the victoria's secret catalog that mommy left on the floor
2. mommy's computer
3. unwrapping daddy's anniversary present that mommy is storing under the coffee table
4. a cup. that came free with a pitcher
5. a wash cloth

yep, that's sophie on the floor there, just WAITING to be nomed on.

lesson to be learned here: baby toys are bought for mommies. not babies.


Anonymous said...

So true, Justine! Baby toys are a huge waste of money until kids can walk! Parker pretty much sticks to his toys now but didn't care about them at all until he was fully mobile! I will advise skipping out on lots of little toys and just get a few big ones. Most kids I know play more with their cozy coupes, ball pits, push toys and riding toys than lots of little ones. Pick them up at consignment for a fraction of the cost! Bella is precious! I love your blog!

Leah Molyneaux said...

So, whats the anniversary gift that miss bella tried to get into??? haha

Justine Nelson said...

haha. nothing special, just a coin case for his military challenge coins. the 5th anniversary is wood-so i got him that case and a clothes butler for his uniform. =) i am such a good wife. haha

Leah Molyneaux said...

Awe, thats sweet! 5 years?? Wow, I don't think I realized you guys had been married that long. Congrats :) On another note...what is a raz andwhere do you get them?

LCW said...

Hawaii? So awesome, I've only visited, but loved every minute of it. Georgia is nice, but not Hawaii..hahaha. Stopping by from the Dlist. And I have many pics of my baby girl nomming on Sophie, the infamous teething giraffe.