Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day, part 3

sunday! we headed up to huntersville for a few hours of MORE geo caching. so here, i guess is where i'll explain this fun little hobby of ours. geo caching, as i have said before, is like a treasure hunt with GPS. not like your tomtom. more like this:

this is mostly what we did all weekend! it's fun, exciting, and at times, quite frustrating! we went about 6 for 12 this weekend, and the ones we found were FUN!! but the ones we didn't find, well, it felt like we walked around for forever before we would finally just say....."moving on....." and walk away, downtrodden and disappointed. imagine a child, on the hottest day of summer, who realizes that the pool is closed because some kid pooped in it. that's about how it feels to search for a cache, only to realize that we. can't. find. it!

but then, YOU FIND ONE! and it really is like a kid on christmas! i know i keep comparing the feelings to a child, but honestly, you feel like one!

the caches range in difficulty to find and difficulty of terrain, so it can go from a "grab and go", which basically means it's on the side of the road, to an all out hike! most of the ones we choose to do are pretty simple, simply because.........

we have a passenger. bella LOVES to geocache, mostly because when mommy and daddy find a cache, they start jumping up and down, hooting and hollering. yep. we're children. but it's a pretty awesome feeling when you search for something for a long time, (most of the time, you don't even know what you are looking for!) and then you find it! if you're interested, here are a few more pics from the weekend (they were taken with the GPS so they are too small to share here).

we spent sunday doing this around northlake mall and in hornet's nest park with my dad and family. we loaded up the dogs in the truck and headed out. it definitely was even more fun the more people we had!

the final installment of mother's day madness will be coming this weekend. because, like every other holiday in our family, it lasts all week!! the momma is headed up for the weekend to round out my FIRST mothers day, and her first grandmother's day!! it is sure to be.....GRAND! stay tuned


Leah Molyneaux said...

Seems like you had an awesome Mother's Day!

JPW said...

I love Geo-caching! I lived in Huntsville, AL for a while and use to go with a buddy of mine. SO much fun. And sometimes you find GEO coins with numbers on them and you can trace them back on the internet to where they came from. Love love love it. ..and when you say you mean in NC? Cause I lived in birkdale village by lake normal for a while too and actually from Charlotte area.

Justine Nelson said...

JPW!! yes, i do mean NC. that's awesome. small world. when were you in huntersville? i grew up there.