Sunday, May 16, 2010

mother's day saga: the final installment

finally, mother's day has come to a close with the arrival of grandma! we shopped, we dined, and what better to do with grandma's first visit than break into the pool for a little dip! ok, we didn't have to break in. we have a key. but it sounds so exciting.

bella has no choice but to love the water, but she had never been in the pool. that is no longer the case! we hit the pool 3 DAYS while grandma visited! and even went once at night!

in true bella form, she jumped right in and started kicking and blowing bubbles. i even got her to go under water a few times! she wasn't a huge fan of the waterfall, but she tolerated it. of course her favorite thing to do was cruise around in the float that she borrowed from another little boy.

do i sound like the uber-proud mommy that i am?? well, it is mother's day (week)!

we also introduced bella to the joy that is.........

STARBUCKS! and as you can tell, she loved it too! (don't worry, i didn't actually let her have any). but i may just have a future addict on my hands.

bella got to spend a whole night with grandma while mommy and daddy went out for a date (thanks mom!!) and was so good, grandma offered to keep her again the next morning!

all in all, i have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating my first mother's day(s). now on to the next celebration.......because, i mean, any reason to party. right!?

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Kim said...

you are welcome sweetie! I miss my starbuck girl(s) already! :)