Sunday, May 23, 2010

finally, something she got from me!

her love of food. figures. how have i figured this out? i gave her some.

and. she. lovedit!

this is actually our 3rd night of rice cereal, and she can not be more pumped about it. when i started mixing it, she started squirming and crawling towards me and squealing at the TOP of her lungs! here's how it started.

2 nights ago, we sat down with a mixture of mostly breast milk with some rice cereal.

**side note: yes, i am making her food. i decided to start her on earth's best certified organic whole grain cereal. after some research, this was a healthier alternative than making rice cereal on my own. BUT i will start making her food after about 2-3 weeks of this, and THAT will be an experience all of its own.......**

she wasn't so sure about it. ate most of it, but left about 1/3 of the cereal. i counted this night as a success. most of it got in her mouth, and she seemed pretty excited about it. you can see her eating for the first time, here.

night 2-last night, she was quite a bit more interested in her food. when i brought it over, she immediately started reaching for it. she ate faster and more. she finished off the whole thing. and seemed very satisfied. night 2? success.

night 3. tonight. the girl gulped it all down. and BEGGED for more. this was her, when it as all gone.

then she started to full out WAIL. so i made some more. about half of the original serving. she leaned forward with her mouth wide open, like a little baby bird, waiting for her worm.

so. my kid is an eater. just like her momma. here's hoping i can instill healthy eating habits in her from the get go, so she doesn't have her mommy's other love. edy's cherry chocolate chip ice cream.


Shirley said...

I am laughing my head off at that child and YOU!

Leah Molyneaux said...

Glad she liked her ceral! Noah looked at me like "mom, really...what did you just put in my mouth?!" Wasn't so much a success at my house...haha

Leah Molyneaux said...

That should say cereal :)

Hi, I'm Natalie. said...

That is fantastic! Babies and food are THE BEST! (Today, my daughter was PISSED that we would give her more chili. *sigh*)