Tuesday, May 4, 2010

getting ready for solids!

"say WHAT, mommy!?"

"don't worry bella. not QUITE yet. we're just getting ready."

"shew. good thing! i'm just a wittle baby, after all!"

this would be the conversation we would have in MY mind. because i am not ready for bella to be eating solids. not yet. she isn't old enough! she is just a little bitty baby!!!


(almost) 5 month old!!! what the......where did the time go!?

so. we are getting ready for solids. it's true. and thanks to some great helpers, we don't have TOO much work left! i asked people to save baby food jars and i got an OVERWHELMING number of them! today, i pulled them all out and peeled off the labels and i had 121 jars!! that's a LOT of jars.

yes. that IS a lot of jars. i won't be using them ALL for baby food. i have a couple of other uses for them, but that will be a post in a few months =)

i'm excited to really get started on cooking bella's baby food. we are waiting to give her anything until 6 months (we MIGHT start cereal at 5 1/2 months....but we're still undecided). She has already started watching us eat, and grabbing our food. and of course she has hit the developmental milestones of sitting on her own, so PHYSICALLY she is ready. our biggest hesitation is we don't want to introduce it too early to reduce the risk of allergies. we already know she is allergic to pollen, amoxcicillin AND possibly dairy. of course, that doesn't stop the random stranger from telling me that i should "put cereal in her bottle, because she will sleep better". i won't even get in to why that's not true, BUT we have our reasons for waiting, thankyouverymuch. now i just have to get my hands on one of these babies........

and i'll be good to go! i'll be sure to keep you updated on the status of "bella's bites" over the next few months as we get her eating like a big girl.

she's pretty excited about it.

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Kim said...

Justine, Bella looks like such a big girl in this picture. I hate to say it but that baby is growing up fast. I am coming up there quick! before she is grown up right before my very eyes! :(