Monday, July 26, 2010


i have been missing the past few days. and i apologize. please don't think i have abandoned you.

here's the thing. for the first 3 days, we were planning a surprise. and i am not very good at keeping secrets. i tend to share too much. and the more i try to share everything BUT the thing in question, i end up letting it slip. so i decided to cut myself off for a little bit. that was thursday.

on saturday, we threw my little sister a surprise 21st birthday! (come back on WINEsday wednesday for more from that)i wanted to get on and do stick figure saturday, because that's my favorite thing and i even missed that.

and then, well, i got lazy. i admit it. i just didn't come back on sunday. because we stayed up way too late. and woke up way too early. and sat on the back porch while it stormed outside and bella fell asleep on my chest while we rocked in the hammock. i was enjoying it way too much to even think about the computer.

so today, i decided to gracde the blogosphere with my presence to see what i missed (a lot) and catch up on my writing a little.

bella and i are visiting family in NC and then in FL over the next 2 weeks, so posts may be sporadic, but fear not, i will be back! especially on WINEsday. as you know, that's my favorite day of the week. any excuse to sit around drinking wine.

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Kristy said...

Absolutely - any excuse to sit around drinking wine!