Saturday, July 17, 2010

stick figure saturday: i want my mommy!!!

it's that time again! my new favorite post theme. stick figure saturday! i literally look forward to this now (even though it's only been one week....whatever, i take the small things).

and right in time, too, because i feel like my creativity well has been tapped. this week, i have been worn down. you might have noticed (if you stop by on a regular basis). my baby got old. then i sobbed. then wednesday came, and was wonky and weird, and drove me insane. and then i was MIA thursday and friday. i'm kind of having a hard time remembering thursday, but i think i did something fun. or maybe not.

but i came back for saturday, because i like stick figures. they make me feel like a kid. and that is fitting. because i want my mommy.

that's me. in the fetal position. rocking back and forth. while my dog relieves herself on the carpet for the billiontieth time and the baby puts random bugs/turds/questionable things in her mouth.

i kind of feel crazy. motherhood has become that to me. i ask questions to my 7 month old, that usually require an answer. i talk out loud. to no one. i increasingly feel like a hermit. and like i wrote about the other day, i do the same things, over and over, expecting different results.

and what is the one thing that is guaranteed to cure what ails you? no, not a whole bottle of wine. YOUR MOMMY! well, my mommy. but you can't have her.

my mommy makes everything better. she lets me be me. and she watches my munchkin so i can eat/sleep/go potty/stare aimlessly at the wall. so i am counting down to the next time my mom can take over.


ericka @ alabaster cow said...

hi there. we're the same person. my mommy takes ava twice a week and on saturday nights so that i remain a sane human being.

and it looks like you're stick figure is kinda sorta taking a dump. and for that i award you 20 stick figure points.

love this.

ericka @ alabaster cow said...

*your not you're. crap.

Justine said...

bahahaha! that's awesome! that would so be fitting.

Anonymous said...

well, putting questionable things in his mouth builds the immune system. Totally important!

great drawing! I got fetal position. Ericka is obsessed with poop and/or pooping so that's why she said that.

kids craft kits said...

How cute! I should start doing a stick figure drawing each the idea :)