Wednesday, July 21, 2010

it's WINEsday!

it's wednesday. the middle of the week. it's all down hill from here. hump day (haha). and most fun of all, WINEsday!

i am by no means a booze hound. or a lush (although, sometimes i wish i was......). but i do appreciate a good alcoholic beverage from time to time. especially a really good glass of wine. and especially after a hard day of poop and vomit and dogs and GAH! it's enough to drive anyone to drink, i swear.

so to celebrate alcoholic beverages, and the middle of the week, i am going to start sharing my favorite bottles of wine!! i shall look forward to today from hence forth with rambunctious pride.
today's WINEsday wednesday bottle of wine is from a local winery. i love supporting local wineries. it's a win win, in my opinion.

this is a bottle of chalet white, from habersham winery in nacoochee village, in helen, ga. this is a sweet wine, styled after a riesling, but quite a bit sweeter. it makes for a great dessert wine. mmmmm. my two favorite things. sugar and alcohol. bring on the gout......

and it's an interesting label to boot. because that's what really drives my wine buying. what's on the label.

while this label is from habersham winery, i got it on a trip to juliette, ga, where they filmed fried green tomatoes. the shop was called southern grace, and it carries local products from georgia. it features a wine tasting room, courtesy of the habersham winery. i tried a variety of wines, and this sweet white wine was my favorite. hands down.

thank you for tuning in to WINEsday! come back next week, where i will hopefully climb out of my wine induced stupor to talk about another favorite bottle.
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Leah Molyneaux said...

I like it! Is this something you started on your own? As a fellow wine lover, my pallet isn't very experienced so I'm anxious to see your reviews! I like the sweeter wines, but I want to venture out and try new stuff! I'm just always nervous too.

L said...

How fun! I love the idea and will be sure to look back for wine recommendations! Can't wait to see what you review next!

Liz said...

I think everyday should be a wineday! i don't think i've ever had a riesling, either. love my merlot too much!