Wednesday, July 7, 2010

what? did you just call me CRazY!? ::insert googly eyes::

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

well, mr. einstein, call me crazy then.

i clean my house, every (other) day, expecting it to stay clean. i do my dishes (whenever i feel like it) expecting that they stay clean/don't load up in the sink again. i vacuum the floor (once a week? i don't know i can't remember.) and expect that the next time i do it, i don't overload the canister with dog fur. (can you see the downward spiral of disaster about to come?)

call my husband crazy, too.

he comes in the door and leaves a trail behind him of his uniform (which consists of WAY too many pieces, might i add), stretching from the front door to the shower and expects the next morning to see it washed and hung up, waiting for him.

baby? she must be a little nuts as well.

because she keeps pulling herself up on the coffee table, and then can't get back down. so she "walks" in circles around it. i guess expecting that it will eventually lead her back to the ground? and she keeps putting bugs in her mouth. maybe thinking that one day they will turn in to her yummy puffs? there's no tellin' what's going on in that kids head. she is really crazy.

and the dog? don't even get me started.

he scratches at the door, expecting that his lazy mommy and daddy will actually get up and take him out for a walk. he barks at the squirrels outside, thinking he can catch them if he could just get through that window. and for some strange reason, he thinks that if he stares at her long enough, the baby will go away.

see, over in the nelson house? we're all a little kooky. if you come visit, you might walk away a little kooky too. which is why i love wine. in large quantities.

thanks for sticking around for my big bunch of loony.


Leah Molyneaux said...

I clean my house, everyday, expecting the same thing :) Guess we are both insane! haha And..its always late(well ok its 8:30, but thats late to me) at night, after Noah is in bed that I want to clean...when I should be in bed as well. why I LOVE wine as well. See, can't you move to NC? We'd have some GOOD times! haha

Justine said...

girl. i know! i need some vino drinking friends. we should have a play date next time i come to should be involved. =)

Mrs. Davis said...

LMAO.. that sounds all too much like my life minus baby, but she will be here soon!

Leah Molyneaux said...

I've never tried vino, but I'll try anything :) Let me know the next time you head this way and we should try and meet up!