Monday, July 12, 2010

my kid will beat up your kid.

today was bella's {read, mommy's} first play group! a group of spouses from the base, at jumpin jax. i don't know why i waited so long to do this.

well, this might have something to do with it.

my kid's a biter. i think she bit like 3 kids? ::hangs head in shame::

i mean, how do you teach an almost 7 month old (what!? when did that happen?) that biting is not ok? each time she did it, i would say, "no bite! not nice!" very sternly, and she would look at me, like this.

because she is rotten.

i am going to have my hands full for, like....the rest of my life.

next play group? well, let's just say it should involve copious amounts of wine, and be scheduled for after bella's bedtime.


Taylor Wise said...

Yikes. No good! Bella, you are a stinker! ha ha! This is a common baby behavior but one that has to be stopped ASAP or playgroups will be no more because the invites stop coming! ha ha.

My friend's kid Jayden is a biter and because of this, his mom kept him away from other kids BUT that just meant when he was around them he bit the snot out of them because he hadn't been given the chance to learn it's bad. He's no longer invited to playgroup because he's 15 months and draws blood!

From experience, the best way to get her to stop is to put her around kids frequently and when it looks like she's about to, stop it then. It's probably best to be around some good friends who are understanding because at least one is bound to be bit! :) It happens... it's a baby thing but once she hits toddler age... moms aren't so willing to forgive when they've got 8 teeth instead of 2! Good luck with your little vampire! At least she's a cute one!

Justine said...

hahah thanks taylor. the moms of the kids she bit were friends and were very understanding. *fortunately* she only bites people when she has a tooth coming in (can i say that's fortunate??) and she has one coming in now, so hopefully (and with constant enforcement) she will stop. =)

Leah Molyneaux said...

My mom said I used to be a biter, and one time I bit my brother so bad that I drew blood and you know what she did? haha this sounds awful, but she bit me back. And she said I never bit again. When I used to work in Daycare the toddlers were def. the worst with biting, but once they bit someone that wasn't scared to bite back...they stopped. Not saying that precious Bella needs to be bitten! Just sharing :)

Justine said...

lol. leah. i have a very similar story-i bit my cousin, drew blood and my dad bit me!! haha. that is so funny. good ol southern parenting. i might bite b if she keeps biting hurts!!! (just kidding. about me biting her. those little teeth are SHARP!)

JLS said...

LOL that is the same look I get from my Rylie when I tell her 'no'. These girls are going to be trouble when they're 2...