Monday, July 19, 2010

who IS this kid?

i need to talk about my baby. because i do NOT do that enough. really. ok. so not really, i talk about her all the time. 24/7. maybe too much. i don't know. can you talk about your baby too much? can you talk about MY baby too much? i mean, look at her.

gah! she is so cute. i just want to nom on those little cheeks.

so here is what i want to talk about. my kid is amazing.

i don't want to talk about last night. because i don't want to jinx it, like last time. let's just say, it was monumental in the sleep department.

but yesterday, the girl stood on her own, for the first time. well, the first real time, at least. she has been "practicing" all week, letting go of things, only to flop down on her butt. but yesterday, she let go of me, and stood for 5 WHOLE SECONDS! for those of you without kids, this probably seems silly. but if you have babies bella's age, give or take a few months, this is pretty exciting (or, it's incredibly terrifying. it's a fine line).

for one, she just made 7 months last week. and while i know every momma thinks their baby is a "person prodigy" because they are better at being human than any other baby their age, i think my child is pretty incredible.

i am that mom. i always said i wouldn't be. that i would humbly make it through her childhood, never bragging, just being secretly proud of her every movement. but i lied. you just can't predict how those little hands will tug at your heart strings.


MrsStockham said...

I'm with ya. I just can't blog cause I go on and on....people would beg me to stop blogging. But, I am the same way. I never wanted to be "proud" of my son, but he amazes me everyday. The teeth, the "ma, ma, ma, ma....da, da, da, da, da" thing just makes me smile until my face hurts. I've never smiled so much in my life.

Kristy said...

Go ahead and marvel and fall in love! It is fabulous to be a mom! You are allowed to believe your child is brilliant (because, hello, they are!!!).