Tuesday, July 13, 2010

bring on the sap!

i know i said no sappy post. and i meant it. 7 months is nothing to get sappy over (i mean, it's just another month of life! geez people, give me a break).

but i went to put bella down tonight like normal, and she went down like the perfect angel she is.

until i left to get ice cream (the devil).

i walk in the door (so excited about my ice cream, by the way), and joel is holding bella, tickling her and laughing.

my jaw hits the floor.


"umm. she wasn't just taking a nap?"

at 8:30? really?! when did bella start taking a nap at BEDTIME!?

::enter line of snarky comments directed at snarky husband from equally snarky wife::

so i try to put her back to bed. and for the next 3 hours, she screams her rants of protest. at one point i just lay her down and leave. finally, i queue up pandora on my phone and head in with a new found fervor for getting her to slumber land, and in a timely manner.

the bangles comes on. and i sing to her. and start sobbing. maybe from exhaustion. maybe because i haven't had a peaceful moment today (between her whining/crying/not napping, the dog vomiting/crapping all over the house, and trying to clean the mess from the dog vomiting/crapping all over the house). maybe because, when i sing a song, i really feel the lyrics. and this is what i sang...

When the daylight disappears
When you're haunted, I'll be near
When the shadows come to call
When you're too scared to stand tall
I can stand tall
Dream and let your dreams go
It's your turn to fly
Long as I'm standing by
You can close your eyes
I will take care of you
Long as you want me to
Whatever else I do
I will take care of you
Don't you worry, while you sleep
All my love is yours to keep
All you wish for, all you know
Will be yours when you let go
You can let go
Smile, if you can now
Smile through your tears
Here where your fears are known
Know you're safe at home
I will take care of you
Long as you want me to
Whatever else I do
I will take care of you
I will take care of you
Long as you want me to
Whatever else I do
I will take care of you...

goodnight, my sweet little 7 month old. sleep tight, knowing i will take care of you.

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Leah Molyneaux said...

Thanks for the early morning tears Justine...jeez :) I know what you mean though about lyrics, I practially get teary-eyed when I sing twinkle twinkle little star to Noah because he just looks at me and grins. Makes my heart melt.

On another note...don't husbands just make you laugh sometimes? They really just don't understand..haha Anytime Noah whines Eric is like, "oh, is it nap time" I'm like.."HELLLO he JUST got up!"