Friday, July 2, 2010

shame is the theme, i guess

eclipse: overshadow:
be greater in significance than.

no, that isn't the review of the movie. but it could be.

i'll start by saying that i am NOT a twi-hard. i refused to read any of the books for quite some time, mostly because teenage girls irritate me, and i therefore avoid anything that they get giddy over. enter, teenage "vampire" (c'mon, we all know that vampires do NOT sparkle, the sun blows them up and THEY HAVE FANGS!!!!) and werewolf. and my interest.

i only read it after being asked for the billionth time if i named bella after the character.

after reading the series, i seriously considered changing her name.

i watched twilight, and thought that it could quite possibly be the WORST movie i had ever seen. but dakota fanning was in the second and i think she is precious, so i watched the second one (while i was in labor, mind you) and thought it was a minor step above. i just can't get over how dramatic the characters are, while at the same time being TERRIBLE actors (but EXCELLENT at staring).

so why did i keep reading the series? because once i start something, i just can't stop! i'm not a quitter.

so i read the third book. and i actually ::gulp:: LIKED it! i know. i can't believe i just said that. i was slowly being won over. i still couldn't believe how anyone liked edward. c'mon! he sneaks into her BEDROOM at night to watch her sleep! can you say, staaaaalker!!!! but i was warming up to the bella character. don't get me wrong, i still think she is a bit fragile, and not in a "china doll, precious" way, but more of a "makes bad decisions and can't stand on her own two feet, stupid" kind of way. she irritates me.

BUT the book was written better, had a better plot and was a little more....vampire/werewolf title worthy. as in, there was actually some fighting and avenging going on.

i was a little ashamed to admit that i actually looked forward to seeing the third movie (even more so to admit that i watched the first two). but i was. so i went with a few friends last night to see it.

i liked it. i really liked it. ::hangs head in shame:: the cgi was believable (for once), the acting was a little better, there were some pretty good fight scenes (even though, i never knew vampires heads could break off like a glass vase. and if that's the case, why not just throw rocks at them?), and it was pretty entertaining listening to all the tweens/teen swoon when jacob first came on the screen.

i wouldn't so much call myself a fan. i still think bella is lame, and i hope MY bella is the exact opposite of her. but i'm opening up my mind. and actually looking forward to the next one.


Leah Molyneaux said...

I refuse to watch/read the series as well...and still don't/wont understand the whole Edward thing. My mom swears its the "love story" that maks him so hunky..I don't care,he still isn't cute. I'll take Jakob if I had to choose...haha

Justine said...

i just can't help thinking that edward is a manipulative, controlling, stalker. he get's less stalker-y in the third book, though. and the fourth one, he gets better. but i would lean towards jacob too. for the mere fact that he turns into a giant dog...... =) lol.

Kristy said...

I totally agree with you. They are EXCELLENT at staring. Nicely done. But, seriously, the books drew me in (I had to see what the fuss was about), and I tell you what the last and fourth one is CRAZY!!!! Can't wait for the movie on that one.

Diana said...

You may have just convinced me to go see them. This was really funny. I've never read the books so I have no idea what anyone is talking about either. But my daughter's name is also Bella (good taste!) and people always ask me.

No please. I do not name my child after movie stars screen names.