Saturday, July 31, 2010

stick figure saturday: worlds smallest violin. playing just for me.

have you ever noticed that the symptoms of depression are very similar to the symptoms of motherhood?

-loss of appetite-
well, with vomit on my shirt and poop on my pants, and after having chased my child around the house for the last 3 hours, i would rather shower and sleep than eat....

-loss of sleep-
i think this one speaks for itself, doesn't it? with a breastfeeding, sleep fighting, stubborn baby who still wakes 3-4 times a night sometimes, sleep isn't something i am familiar with.

-body aches-
carrying around a 20 pound sack of potatoes, bending over to pick up toys, crawling on the ground and changing a diaper in awkward positions tend to cause body aches. so does several sleepless night in a row.

-difficulty concentrating or remembering details-
did i tell you about when i threw my car keys away? no?? i can't remember......

-fatigue or loss of energy-
yes and yes. have you been reading along?

-loss of interest in things you once found pleasurable-
like, anything that requires too much energy? because i don't have any.

you see where i'm going with this? and it's all a vicious cycle. loss of sleep begets loss of energy, begets loss of interest, begets......what does that even mean. i've lost interest........

anyway, this is what i should have been doing today

but that takes energy. and interest.

instead, this is what i did

walked around like a zombie, because someone decided she wanted to wake up 4 times, the last of which, stretched from 3am until 7am, when i finally lost it, and put her in the crib. and guess what she did.......went to sleep. and stayed asleep until 9:30. now, WHY she couldn't do that earlier is BEYOND me. but i am assuming it's because i am so sleep deprived, hungry, unmotivated and interest-less, that i missed the huge sign that said,


it was big. and red. and blinking. but i missed it, because i was looking through a haze.

i know, i know. worlds smallest violin. cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it. i haven't eaten yet (oh wait, my appetite is back!!), and i'm tired. tomorrow i'll be better.

*disclaimer: i am in NO WAY trying to lighten the real problem of depression. i know that many people suffer with symptoms of this disease every day and that it is a serious and often life threatening problem.

i am however, making light of the "problem" that is, motherhood. which is, as we know, a necessary evil. especially when you have a kid THIS darn cute.

this stick figure saturday post brought to you by alabaster cow.


MrsStockham said...

it'll get better....and better...and better. don't know when....but that's what i heard until it did. hugs to you....your sweet bella....and everyone else in the Nelson clan. =)

Sammie said...

Ha, love it. It DOES get better, you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel sooner rather than later. Someday she'll stop getting up all the time and she won't breastfeed anymore and she won't vomit or poop on you (too often). And then you'll get that energy and that interest...and you'll then you'll just have more fun playing with her :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! great! not the multiple wakings and being a zombie but your post and stick figures rock! She is really cute and as you know, totally worth all of it. :)

torie@Life With Rylie said...

Loved your stick figures! It will get better girl! Hugs