Wednesday, August 11, 2010


alright, y'all. i had some time to think yesterday. i hope you visited my momma, and had a good life changing moment after reading about her experience with my kid. it. is. life. changing. if not, i'll let you take this time to go over there and say hi.

back so soon?

ok. so here is what i have been doing.

1-learning allllll about HTML. the hubby is a computer genius. i don't say that lightly. the man is incredible. he like, claps his hands and really cool stuff happens on computers. so i had him teach me a little, and then i did a tutorial, and then i created a button for my momma! (yes, that beautiful one above here) and then i made a new button for myself. and i figured that stuff out on my own.

2-chasing around my crazy accident prone baby. apparently she is just like her momma. oh well, as sad as it is, i like being needed and being able to comfort her and make her owies better. i wish that she didn't have to get hurt to be cuddled, but i take what i can get.

3-some craziness with my dogs. this was not fun. our new addition is in heat. i don't think i need to expound on that. please, don't make me. let's just say, september 10th (her spay date) cannot come soon enough. for either of us.

4-i've decided to do some awesome, incredible, amazing giveaways. you will not be disappointed. tell your friends. tell them to tell their friends. i enter every giveaway i possibly can, and i haven't won one YET! so i'm going to host my own! so stay tuned for some cute stuff from some great vendors. i'll keep you updated as the deets get hammered out.

5-and i have added some things around here. feel free to look around. i am going to start posting all of the yummy things bella has been eating, for one. the kid eats better than i do. hope you like what we've done with the place. and by we i mean me.

that's all for now. i'm off to try to re-learn how to be girly and curl my hair. having a baby has made me all lazy when it comes to things. like getting dressed. trying to remedy that.


Leah said...

Sweet! I enter give aways all the time too and have yet to win a dang thing! Maybe you'll bring me some luck :)

torie@Life With Rylie said...

I feel ya. I'm all kinda of lazy about getting ready lately. I feel like a headband spruces it up sometimes :)

Justine said...

torie-they so do and i can't WAIT to get mine =) i need some sprucing.

Tinabelle27 said...

Your mom's blog is so cute. Definitely on my follow list. ( I don't know if she will remember me though)

Justine said...

i'm sure she will! (if not i'll tell her!) i'm not sure if she knows how to follow back yet, but i will teach her. lol =) thanks for checking her out!!