Saturday, August 14, 2010

stick figure saturday: shopping

shopping usually never goes my way. for one reason or the other, i usually walk out of a store with my head hanging and leave the mall with candles, baby items, shoes, pretty much anything other than what i came for-clothes.

everything is either too small or too big, or too small AND too big. didn't think that could happen, didya. well when your bust is worthy of guiness (the book, not the beer) and the rest of you is "average", it's something you get used to.

i've always been stacked on top (my friends used to call me bustine. which worked when i played softball. but during the off season, was a little embarrassing), but once i had b and started nursing, it got to be a little.....ridiculous. to say the least. i'll just say they don't carry my bra size in most stores. not even lane bryant!

so today i set out on a seemingly impossible mission-to find an outfit for our beach pictures.

so we start out, me in high spirits, since i figured, how hard can finding a white shirt be. bella? well she was a little cranky pants because she didn't get a nap. her fault. she was in the car for 45 precious minutes that she could have been sleeping.

we head in to our first (and hopefully only) store, charming charlies, which really is quite charming. it's boutique-y and cute. and they are color coded, so i can NOT go wrong here. right off the bat, i find 3 (almost) white tops. to the dressing room i go.

you see how i didn't even swing? i was just seeing what we had, checking out the pitcher. you know, taking my time. those 3 didn't quite work, but there were some others i could possibly come back for, but i want to see what else is out there.

we head on to our next target-american eagle. AE never lets me down. it's like my dependable friend, who may not always be my first choice, but is always willing to help me out when i do ask. i always leave there thinking, "i should have come here first", but for some odd reason, i never do. today though, AE was not very dependable. we didn't even make it into the dressing room. we'll call this a ball, since technically i didn't try anything on. it's like i took a pitch because it had nothing to offer.

next, i go to gap, charlotte reusse and NY&Co. nothin. nadda. ziltch. really!? you people don't have WHITE SHIRTS!??! now, in defense of these fine retail establishments, they had white tank tops, but i am not a wife beater, nor can my big bajumbas be contained by spaghetti, so i don't even try. the disappointment is not good for the old ego.

at this point, a wiser woman would say, "today is not really my day. i'm gonna call it a loss and move on." clearly, i am more stubborn than i am wise, and a bit of a glutton for punishment, so i continue on. but i do decide to take a "shop for bella" break, because baby clothes always fit and are easy to buy. except no one had white baby dresses either. GAH! shoot me.

i had come full circle and was standing back in front of charlie's and decided to give it another try. i walk around for a good 20 minutes and pick up nothing. finally, i see a dress that i had seen earlier, but after one look decided it wouldn't fit/look right/cover my mommy mush and wrote it off. but i was feeling lucky.

the air was just right, no wind. the pitch? right down the middle. i start swinging.......

home. run. not only is it cute, but it fits. AND hides the pooch! it's fun and funky and cute and FITS!

so i reward myself. with starbucks. hey, trying on clothes burns calories, right? i think so.


Sammie said...

Love it! Since having my daughter, clothes shopping is often a nightmare. I may be the same weight I was pre-baby, but the weights not in the same places it was before. So frustrating!

Kristy said...

Shopping DEFINITELY burns calories. I'm always so tired when I get home from the mall. So glad you found something!