Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ONHD: what did he do this time?

it's no secret that i have been away, on and off, for 2 weeks.

i didn't leave my husband here to starve to death. i made lots of food for him that could be reheated before we left for NC. and when i came back, made sure the fridge was stocked with healthy options for him (also in hopes that, when i came back, there would be some healthy options for me).

this morning, i get up, go to the fridge, looking (foolishly) for my standard yogurt and granola, and a banana for the baby. when i open the cabinet i find this

exasperated, hungry and pre-coffee, i huff. and i huff again. because now i have to eat my 3 month old honey flax flakes, that i thought i'd like, but didn't really because they tasted TOO MUCH like flax.

he says, "what?" in that, get over it already tone, that drives me nuts first thing in the morning (remember, no coffee).

i say, "where is all the good food?? you know, with like one ingredient. preferably something that hasn't been processed to death and now resembles flavored astronaut dust."

he says, "that stuff is good."

to which we begin the great and ongoing debate about how there are chemicals and toxins and garbage in all this processed food, with words like "whole grains" and "organic" thrown in for good measure. blah, blah, blah.

::interjecting:: i have been called a food nazi. i claim this title with pride. bella eats the least amount of processed food as possible (i make 99.9% of it), doesn't eat sugar, and doesn't drink juice. i make every possible attempt to not buy food with high fructose corn syrup, or more than 3 ingredients for that matter. the more organic the better. i do eat out, and i don't always make the best choices, but at least the food i bring into my home will be nutritious and delicious.

moving on.

joel hops on the computer and starts reading to me about enriched white flour and the "health benefits". then he follows up with, "what are you "sources" that say that whole grain is better for you?"


see my husband will argue, just for the sake of arguing. he could be wrong (and he usually is), but he will argue you into the ground until you are CONVINCED he is right. and he doesn't discriminate when it comes to the "who" part of the argument. he will argue with anyone. even the baby.

it. drives. me. mad.

what drives me even more mad?? is that he also left THIS for me.

oh. no. he. DIDN'T.

ohyeshedid. grrrrrrrrrrr.

*disclaimer-my husband is generally a fine fella. who likes to push buttons. i apologize to any and all people who have been the victim of this abuse. i love him dearly, but have no control over his behaviors.

and this post has been brought to you by "oh no he didn't tuesday" from live and love...out loud*


Bonita Allen said...

I can't believe how healthy you are being. You make me feel like a horrible mother. We eat McDonald's at least once a week (including Lia). I try to be healthy every now and then, but it just doesn't last. Oh well!

Justine said...

girl, you make me feel lazy. so don't feel bad!! you are amazing. i probably need to lighten up, and most undoubtedly will once she hits 2 and DEMANDS to eat something like gummi bears for dinner (and if she is anything like her father, she will do just that).

Sammie said...

Ha, awesome! I wish we ate that healthy--though we do read labels and such when it comes to stuff Evie eats. How do you even FIND food that isn't completely over-processed?

An Imperfect Momma said...

Man, I feel horrible now. We (hubby & I) dont even eat that healthy. Well good for you for doing that! But I totally get where you are coming from. My hubby is the same. He will argue just to argue - but denies it. Even goes to the point of blaming me! Drives me up the stinkin inkin wall. I feel your pain. Sigh. Cant live with them, cant live without em right?

Leah said...

haha Justine you make me laugh. I was totally going to join that blog hop, but I have way too much of the hubby's family that reads my blog and they'd think horrible things of me if I wrote about all the "Oh no he didn't" moments :)

The Drama Mama said...

Ha. I'm glad I'm not alone. My hubs will bring the dish to the kitchen, and put it on the kitchen table because it's just too far to the kitchen sink (wth, right?).

Justine said...

bahaha @the drama mama-crack. me. up. that is so true.

everyone else-obviously, my efforts have not paid off in the nutrition department. i go and buy all this great stuff, then the next day (i kid you not) he goes shopping and comes home with ice cream, chips, candy, and all sorts of other processed stuff. so, don't think we are all perfectly fed here. i just try really hard. =)

MrsStockham said...

i am the SAME way juss...and josh is JUST LIKE joel... all i hear about my organic bent is "and look at all the health problems you have..." as he shoves another handfull of stadium nacho doritos in his gob. >< makes me crazy. and i do the same thing for paxton...despite josh trying really, really, REALLY hard to convince me it "won't make a difference. babies are resilient, they bounce." HFCS and preservatives are "good" for a baby because they will help him build up a resistance"...for "whatever" the school feeds him later... >< paxton eats organic foods and only things i make for him. josh shakes his head like i am on crack...but...the proof is in the pudding. his pediatrician said today he's "perfect" ....so i am gonna keep on keepin' on with Paxton as i do...and josh can watch and shake his head until our son is big and healthy and grown and josh is old and bent and diabetic.... *climbs off her soap box...* we rock Juss....don't worry about what he says...in 20 years...when she's not got health problems and eating "issues" bella will thank you up and down. =)

Anonymous said...

Love this! Hilarious. :-)

Kristy said...

He probably couldn't wait to buy that food as soon as you left!

Justine said...

@kristy-i think you might be right..... as a matter of fact, right before the second trip, he left to get groceries when we left....pretty sure that's what he came back with.

and as he says, "this stuff lasts forever" uh huh......