Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NYC wha? no thank you. i have a blog hop to attend

i am like, way too busy these days. especially too busy to go to some fun, awesome convention for bloggers. in some drab city, like new york. i mean, pshaw. who has time for THAT?

ok, so i totally have plenty of time. and would LOVE to go. but, well i just found out about it...like.....2 weeks ago. and i am pretty sure it's been booked since the beginning of time. like, adam and eve are probably going to be there. that's how awesome this thing is.

it's called blogher 2010 and it's happening now and i wasn't invited. so i am taking my toys elsewhere. like over to to be thode and musings of a marfan mom to their "no-go blogher" blog hop. it's going to be like, SO much better.

if that's what you are here for, welcome to paradise!

i started blogging while living in hawaii. i was young and in love....ahhh the good ol days (which by the way were the last 5 years).

i wanted a way to keep my friends and family back home up to speed on the goings on in the rainbow state and blogging seemed like an easy way to do it. then i sucked at it. i blogged like....5 times. and they were mostly rants about why mean people suck. some were worth reading, but mostly, i was just trying not to brag while also trying to talk about how awesome my life was. it was a struggle. daily.

anywho. i stopped for a while. then got knocked up. it was pretty awesome. i mean, it took forever to happen, but when it did, i was so excited that i tossed my breakfast out of the car everyday on the way to work! for 4 whole months.

then we moved to georgia. and that was less awesome. but i decided to start blogging again after my little devil was born because again, i needed a way to include my family in paradise, which now, has taken on a different meaning (clearly, because the humidity alone is enough to convince me that georgia is NOT, you know, paradise).

cute, right!?!?

i have written some pretty cool and not-so-cool posts about all the things we do here. and i drink wine. and i like to write about it.

so this week, instead of attending blogher and being one of the cool momma's, i am going to retreat to the sunshine state (what can i say, i like sunshine and rainbows. and unicorns) for some fun and sun and pool hopping around the disney resorts. that's right. when all the cool kids are having fun, i'll take my toys and go on a vacation.

so, take a look around. if you like what you see, feel free to prop your feet up on the coffee table. if you can get past the piles of drool and vomit, you are welcome to stay for a while. just don't ask me for a coaster, because i think the baby ate it. or maybe it was the dog.



Denise said...

Hi. I'm stopping by from the No-Go BlogHer hop. Just wanted to say hi.

Have fun in Disney. I live in Fl and I hear ya about the humidity. Your little one is a cutie.

The Shaffers said...

haha, You always have me cracking up in your blog posts.. HAve fun in Disney, though i think your crazy for going in August, haha......

Maria said...

Oh my goodness, your little one is a darling. Let's see, Hawaii, Florida, Georgia...I'm guessing military?

My husband just got out of the Navy after 6 years, but we stuck to Virginia.

Nice to "meet" you!

nicolesspirit878 said...

Your a good writer and entertaining! Stopping over from the NoGo BlogHer. Have a great week and stop by! http://nicolesspirit878.blogspot.com/

Nickie said...


I live two states to the west of ya, so I know exactly what you mean about the humidity. Talk about ruining a good hair-do.

I'm blog hopping with the No-Goers... it's nice to meet ya!! You now have a new follower!!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Think you should have stayed in Hawaii!

Visiting from the No-Go BlogHer hop.

Peggy said...

Stopping in from No Go BlogHer Blog Hop to say" Hi"!!
Awesome pictures!!
I am a new follower!

Stephanie Suesan Smith, Ph.D. said...

Disney World is fun once, but gets old after that because everything is so expensive. I live in Texas, and we have had a string of days where it was 105, 107, 105. Right now it is 80, but will get close to 100 again with high humidity. Yuck.

Stopping by on the No-go blog hop.

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Your blog sounds like fun, I will be following along. I cannot wait to read more!

~ Noelle said...

cute blog...
funny post!
where in georgia are you?
i am georgia born and raised! :)
i am a new follower!
hope disney is awesome... we went in march!