Thursday, August 26, 2010

time to pack!

we are going to the beach this weekend.

usually, when we travel, i like to go bare bones-just enough clothes for the week, a tube of hair creme, my little makeup bag and my rainbows. i'm a simple girl, and mostly, i just live in my bathing suit (at least, prior to getting all fat and stretchy).

i don't like to lug a bunch of stuff around and usually, try to get EVERYTHING into one small bag.

then i had a baby.

the list of things that i have to take is WAY too long.

and the majority of that stuff is just for the baby.

where did i go wrong? i even tried marking stuff OFF the list, but unless she wants to run around sans diaper, or without a bed, that's not going to work.

i think this officially means i have become a mom.

{cue opening credits of yes, dear.}

we are those people now. over prepared with everything we will ever need to have a "home away from home", keep the kid satisfied beach vacation.


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Leah said...

Girl, I'm telling you...those list only get longer! I started making Noah's like a month ago for the beach...and I'm STILL adding stuff to it..and yeah we leave Saturday. Its amazing how much stuff they need! But...we WILL be prepared :) haha You guys have fun!