Thursday, August 19, 2010

my wipes have style review. and a little treat.....

i am doing my first ever product review on my blog.

::crowd cheers::

it's no secret that when i find something awesome, i like to talk about it. a lot. take my kid for instance. i found her one day, she is awesome and i talk about her all the time. hmmm....bad example. but when i find something that is really praise worthy or unique, i like to share the info with everyone i meet.

i saw these wipes cases offered in a giveaway (that i lost, by the way), and just had to have one. so i put in my order. it got here today and i could NOT be more excited to share!

pretty, huh!?

i knew it was in the mail, and it has probably been sitting in my mailbox for a day or 2 because i don't check my mail often enough. all told, it arrived in 5 days, as of today, which means really it got here in 4 or less since today is sunday. so first plus, super quick turn around!

the packaging was so cute, i almost didn't want to open it, but the good stuff is INSIDE the wrapping, so i opened it and immediately filled it with wipes.

it's a basic wipes travel container, so it fits the usual amount, only now i carry my wipes in style.

heater has TONS of different designs here.

these are handmade and would make a GREAT gift for mother's day, a birthday or for a baby shower. they come in 2 sizes-travel and full size and also are sold in matching sets.

the patterns are cute and fun and cover a broad range. they even have cute prints for boys!

and there is an option for a diaper strap on the back that makes quick grab-n-go diaper changes easy.

all in all, i think this was a totally "worth it" purchase, and i can't wait to start showing it off, er...using it.

and you? you are so lucky. because heather has offered you a deal you cannot refuse! $3 off any regular priced item! pick out your favorite case and e-mail her with your order at heather{at}stylewipes{dot}net

she will send you an invoice

use coupon code "anotherdayinparadise" at checkout for $3 off!! that's $7 for a travel case and $17 for a big one.

have fun shopping!

Style Wipes

and don't forget to visit style wipes on facebook to see what's new and coming up!

*the opinions of this review are my own and were in no way influenced by the maker of this product. i purchased this item on my own and was not compensated in any way.

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