Monday, August 9, 2010

reduce, reuse, regroup....that's not it....

i have no inspiration. no motivation. there are no exciting monday meme's. well. there is mcfatty monday, but i am too embarrassed by my mcfattiness to claim it and flaunt it on the interwebs.

i have to admit. i have been off my game lately. i missed stick figure saturday AGAIN! and was a day late to my own WINEsday wednesday. and when i have written without a prompt, it's been....lame.

the thing is, i have a lot to say. A LOT. i have started 5 posts today. and then they get all long and verbose. they ramble on about one thing or the other, and when i read it all i can think is BOOOOOOORING. and i'm not trying to lose followers.

i am off. i need to regroup. i need to get back on my schedule, back to my routine. we have been scattered for 2 weeks. we all have some recovering to do.

i think a tall one of these is in order

and by tall, i mean venti. and by venti, i mean 2.


torie@Life With Rylie said...

Take some time, think, and regroup like you said. Post some pics of that adorable little girl :) I love pictures!

Tinabelle27 said...

When all else fails: pictures and recipes.

I know what you mean. My life isn't exciting enough to post about daily. Just be patient!

Anonymous said...

Ericka didn't have stick figure saturday so you didn't miss it! I get what you are saying will come.

Justine said...

it's funny, i have been doing a ton, and have things to say, but then i start to type and it's like "blfjhoiasrugfbaiufuihag". just word diarrhea and it makes no sense. baah!

thanks for the encouragement!!